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Using sustainable and research-based techniques, learn how to grow your own vegetables, connect with other gardeners, or use Ask an Expert to seek gardening advice. Watch a video about Gardening in Kentucky or how to build a raised garden bed. Going Buggie? Check out Entomology for Kids and Teachers, or visit The Arboretum Kentucky Children’s Garden.


March 30 - Building a Birdhouse

3-5 p.m., at The Arboretum, 500 Alumni Drive. Berle Clay will demonstrate how to build a simple, rugged birdhouse (demonstration is not hands on). We will discuss where birds like to nest, why some like to choose their own nests, and what we can do to entice them to use the nests we build for them. Class limited to 30 people. FREE. Call (859) 257-6955, or click here.