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Join the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment for 11 days of virtual state fair events August 20-30, 2020.

Programming is provided by the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment and University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension. View all tours and demonstrations online via Facebook.

  • At 11 AM, view cooking demonstration by Family and Consumer Sciences Extension on their Facebook page here.

  • At 10 AM and 7 PM, view all tours and demos on the College's Facebook page here.

  • Visit the Kentucky 4-H Facebook page daily for all virtual project showcases.

Thursday, August 20

10 AM EDT: Home Gardening

In this virtual event, learn what to plant for a fall vegetable garden, including how to plant seeds, how to transplant fall vegetable crops, how to take soil samples and the basics on home composting. This event is led by Bethany Pratt, horticulture agent in Jefferson County Extension.

11 AM EDT: Live Cooking Demo - Eggplant Parmesan Rollatini

Friday, August 21

10 AM EDT: Get to Know MANRRS

Join us for a discussion on the importance and benefits of MANRRS, Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences. Hear from a current member why students should be involved in this organization or a number of others on our campus.

11 AM EDT: Making Jalapeño Poppers

Saturday, August 22

10 AM EDT: Corn Extrusion from Bourbon and High-Tech Agriculture

Learn from UK's Bode Adedeji (Biosystems and Ag Engineering) to learn ways we use waste material from the bourbon industry. He will also discuss high-tech ag solutions and how technology is applied to agriculture. Learn more about how UK and the College of Agriculture, Food and Envionrment is bringing new tech to both farmers and industry professionals.

11 AM EDT: Making Easy Cheesy Eggplant

Sunday, August 23

11 AM EDT: Preparing Watermelon Tomato Salad

7 PM EDT: Tour UK's Vet Diagnostic Lab

The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (UK VDL) is a full service animal health diagnostic facility. Learn from Veterinary Pathologist Dr. Uneeda Bryant about the VDL's main work and why the lab is important to Kentucky's animal industry. Further, watch to learn more about how we're integrated with Kentucky's equine sector.

Monday, August 24

10 AM EDT: Wood Utilization

Discover Kentucky's Wood Utilization Center in Jackson, KY. Visit Robinson Forest virtually to learn how the center helps the state’s vital wood industry.

11 AM EDT: Making Morning Carrot Muffins

Tuesday, August 25

10 AM EDT: Building a Home Composter

Biosystems and agricultural engineering extension associate Lee Moser will walk viewers through the steps of building a home composter for food and yard waste to make a nutrient-rich soil.

11 AM EDT: Preparing a Farmer's Market Skillet Bake

Wednesday, August 26

10 AM EDT: Experimental Vineyard

Viewers will learn how UK assistant horticulture professor Carlos Rodríguez López is using an experimental vineyard at UK’s Horticulture Research Farm to find ways to make Kentucky’s vineyards and wines better and brighter.

11 AM EDT: Making Very Berry Salsa

Thursday, August 27

10 AM EDT: Track Surfaces Research

Biosystems and agriculture engineering professor Mick Peterson will highlight his lab’s research into track surface safety. His team is testing the moisture content, surface compaction and bringing forth change to a worldwide industry and working with tracks to make the safest track possible for horse and rider.

11 AM EDT: Live Cooking Demo - Grilled Pepper and Portabella Mushroom Sandwich

Friday, August 28

10 AM EDT: Horticulture Farm Tour

Tour the UK horticulture research farm; farm superintendent Steve Divers will guide viewers through the horticulture farm, unique organic production and various research projects.

11 AM EDT: Preparing Tex Mex Quinoa Salad

Saturday, August 29

10 AM EDT: Princeton Farm Tour

Tour the UK Research and Education Center and the UK Grain and Forage Center of Excellence. Viewers will learn about the important research going on at these locations in Princeton and why it is so vital to Kentucky.

11 AM EDT: Making Scalloped Okra and Corn

Sunday, August 30

11 AM EDT: Preparing Glazed Cantalope Bread

7 PM EDT: Entomology Zoo

UK entomologist Blake Newton will show off some live native Kentucky insects and talk about their attributes.